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A pediatric dentist treats children and adolescents with their dental care. Pediatric dentists have a wide range of tactics to help them complete their needed dental treatments. You see, the pediatric dentist has to make recommendations of behavior guidance based on the child’s health history, special health needs, treatment required among other essentials

The first role of a pediatric dentist is offering oral health care solutions to children, young adolescents and children with special needs. The pediatric dentist can also remove the wisdom teeth, fix cavities and manage gum diseases.

The pediatric dentist also has a duty of the management of children with dental development problems. Infant treatment remains perhaps the trickiest part of a pediatric dentist. Babies are often unresponsive to requests and cry at the first sign of aggravation. Regardless, pediatric dentists have to conduct oral exams on the infants and identify signs of caries

The dentist can also take charge of managing damages sustained on mouth and teeth following traumatic injuries. In extreme instances, the pediatric dentist has to do surgery on children. A great deal of skill is required.

He or she also contributes to the multidisciplinary care of children with complex problems like hypodontia, cleft lip or any medical condition that may affect oral health. A pediatric dentist also often diagnose potential problems like uneven teeth and overbites. Likewise, the dentist could recommend braces for uneven teeth.

Skills Needed

First and foremost, the dentist needs to have excellent clinical skills. Besides being a qualified dentist, a pediatric dentist needs additional capabilities that should make his work with children enjoyable.  

His or her interpersonal skills have to be excellent especially with children under the said age bracket. The dentist will also be dealing with parents and guardians as well as a dental team on specific tasks. It’s vital that he possesses excellent communication skills

A willingness to broaden his or her understanding of dentistry is also highly welcome. Anyone willing to venture into the field needs to understand how broad the area is and should be willing to continue researching and developing his career.

In additional to his communication skills is a team playing ability that is needed. We mentioned that he would be working with a dental team. He should be able to lead as well as follow guidance from team members.

Education and Training

Pediatric dentistry, just like other specialties require training beyond the regular education offered in the general dentistry practice.

They must first attend a four-year dentistry course in a dental school for a doctoral degree. The dentists also require additional specialty training focusing on the pediatrics.

In addition, the two-year programs follow the American Dental Association guideline that requires upcoming pediatric dentists to undertake coursework in child oral trauma and child psychology. Also, dentists have various treatment methods like orthodontics and anesthesia and know how they affect children.


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