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Dentures are removable mouth appliances that replace missing teeth. Previously, it took time before users got used to them. But thanks to more research and technology, dentures have improved. In fact, they are now more comfortable and natural looking than ever before.

Dentures can be summed up in two types; the full and partial. Of course, it’s upon the examination of your dentist that will make conclusions on the most suitable for you. He should also be in a position to tell you the costs of both types of dentures.

Full dentures have an acrylic base fitting over your gum. The upper denture’s base covers the roof of your mouth while the lower one is horseshoe shaped to accommodate the tongue.

Not every denture fits every mouth. That’s why your dentist will probably take your month impressions before one is manufactured, just for you. He will then have to decide on the best type that will apply in your situation before having one custom-made for you. Below is a brief description of some of the choices he will have to make

The conventional full denture is self-explanatory. The dentist has to remove the remaining teeth and wait for the healing of the tissues to occur. The healing may take months before the conventional full denture is placed

The immediate full denture, on the other hand, is placed immediately upon the removal of the remaining teeth. Of course, the dentist will have taken readings before. Contrary to the conventional full, you won’t have to stay without teeth. But one shortcoming with this denture is that it may get loose and thus needs a relining after some time as the teeth supporting bone reshapes in the healing process.

A denture is placed on a metallic structure with attached teeth which is then attached on your teeth. Sometimes, crowns are positioned to hold on denture. The partial dentures offer the removable option to bridges.

For the first few weeks, months even, dentures often feel uncomfortable. It takes a bit of practice speaking and eating. It’s not uncommon to have a loose or even bulky feeling on your teeth. Your cheek muscles and tongue will be adjusting to holding the dentures. You may also experience excessive saliva flow and a feeling of an inadequate room for your tongue. It’s normal, but if you experience irritation is best if you visit your dentist.

How to Maintain Dentures

Dentures may need to be remade, realigned and even rebased. Rebasement is where a new base is made while keeping the existing teeth. It’s the changes in your mouth as you age that causes the normal wear and tear. These changes are expected. It’s advisable to visit the dentist when problems of loosening and painful chewing are more pronounced and persistent.

Maintain your dentures by following these tips:

Properly handling them since they are delicate and break easily.

Not drying them. Soak them in recommended denture soaking solutions or plain water. Note that hot water can cause warping.

Brushing them daily and removing food particles.

Seeing your dentist whenever dentures loosen, cracks, chips or breaks. Trying to fix the problem yourself may worsen their situation.

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