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Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is a dental issue that needs urgent care in order to protect a patient’s oral health. These dental issues differ. In general, symptoms may include pain in the mouth, a broken or damaged tooth, bleeding, swelling, gum inflammation, pulpal inflammation, or wisdom teeth pain. We highly recommend contacting us with any dental concerns as it may need urgent attention. Treatment will vary. In short, treatments vary from root canal therapy, gum treatment, antibiotics, dental restoration, and tooth extraction.

Pain does not always indicate an emergency but it is a sign of a dental issue. Therefore, each patient is thoroughly evaluated to uncover the underlying issue. Once this is confirmed, treatment options are recommended and further explained. For example, tooth pain caused by an infection is likely to require a root canal treatment to save the tooth. Aside from pain, the symptoms listed below should be addressed to us right away.


-Tooth or gum pain

-Gum tenderness

-Loose or fallen tooth

-Abscess tooth

-Damaged dental restoration

-Bleeding from the mouth

Overall, dental issues require immediate treatment to prevent bleeding, relieve pain, save a tooth and treat infection, which can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Some dental concerns can wait for treatment. However, contacting us right away is important to assure your dental issue is treated appropriately.

Common Dental Emergencies

Gum Inflammation

Gum inflammation can cause severe toothache, fever, facial swelling and sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Therefore, we advise rinsing the mouth with warm salt water to reduce pain and clean the mouth. Gum inflammation could be the result of different factors. For this reason, a thorough examination will be conducted to narrow your best treatment options.

Broken or Avulsed Tooth

A broken tooth needs immediate attention. The damage can result in sharp edges that can cut the tongue or inner cheek. In addition, the tooth is susceptible to infection as bacteria can enter the tooth and infect the tooth pulp. Likewise, an avulsed tooth needs to be replaced right away. Patients are likely to experience bleeding and pain. Moreover, missing teeth are known to cause issues like unnatural teeth shifting. We encourage you to contact us right away. Restoration options will be discussed upon examination.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth occurs when the tooth pulp is infected due to severe decay or damage to the tooth. In brief, bacteria had entered the tooth an infected the tooth pulp. Patients usually experience tooth pain. Left untreated, the pain is likely to worsen and tooth loss may occur. This dental emergency usually results in a root canal treatment to save the tooth.


It is common for a patient to experience pericoronitis due to a wisdom tooth. This issue occurs when a tooth has partially emerged. The overlaying gum flap becomes infected over time due to bacterial accumulation. Patients may notice pain, gum tenderness, and facial swelling. Typically, treatment includes antibiotics, tooth extraction, or removal of the excess gum tissue.

Prevent a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies may still occur. However, prevention is possible by maintaining great dental hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Additionally, visit us for your routine exams and cleanings. If you still have your wisdom teeth, schedule a consultation to learn about extracting them to prevent issues like pericoronitis. Our office happily accepts new patients and most insurances. Call 508-754-0918 or book an appointment online.

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