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Full Porcelain Crowns

In short, a dental crown is a dental cap that appears and functions like a natural tooth. This dental restoration covers the entire tooth to restore its function, shape, size, alignment and natural color.

Dental crowns are essential in retaining the aesthetic value of the teeth, helping you maintain a  healthy smile with confidence. In addition, the crown improves the tooth’s structure which may have weakened or damaged due to injury or infection.

Dental crowns are made of different types of materials. In fact, common elements include metal alloys, porcelain, porcelain fused metals, composite resin, and ceramic.

The choice of material depends on the patient’s preference. For example, most patients prefer porcelain since it appears the most natural and is known to last a very long time.


Dental Crown Placement

The dental placement procedure involves the following;

  • Preparation- after assessment and a dental exam, the dentist prepares the tooth to place the dental crown. The preparation consists of the removal of any decay or loosely hanging pieces of the tooth.
  • Impression- the dentist creates a mouth impression. The impression usually involves making a mold or digital scan of the tooth and mouth structure. Plus, this allows the dental lab to create a crown that fits perfectly in your mouth. Additionally, the tooth-colored crowns will match with your existing teeth color. The grace period for the crown model preparation might take about two weeks before which the dentist places a temporary crown in the meantime.
  • Crown placement- once the crown model is prepared, it will be ready for placement. The dentist will attach the crown using a special cement while making any necessary adjustments. Likewise, the dentist will check your bite to assure the crown is properly placed. In addition, he or she will also speak with you regarding proper maintenance.
  • For instance, tooth crown require normal teeth brushing and flossing. Also, avoid biting on hard foods to prevent chipping and damage. Should your crown ever become damaged, contact the dental office right away.

Dental Crown Benefits

Tooth crowns play a significant role in helping you maintain proper dental hygiene and health. For instance, below are the benefits of having a dental crown.

  • Filling up cavities that are too large for a regular cleaning
  • Gives stability and strength to crooked, cracked, fractured, worn out or weakened tooth
  • Can be placed on top of an implant, giving it a tooth-like appearance
  • Restores a tooth that underwent a root canal procedure
  • Great dental aesthetic choice, especially for severely discolored teeth

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