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In brief, a dental bridge consists of a dental crown at each end with a pontic tooth in between. Essentially, a dental bridge covers the gap missing teeth leave behind.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are four types of bridges. Nonetheless, the right option is at the discretion of your dentist and situation.

The traditional dental bridge consists of dental crowns and a pontic tooth. The pontic is cemented to the abutment teeth. This method is the most popular when the patient has natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

Now, what if you have one tooth next to your missing tooth? That brings us to our next type of dental bridge, the cantilever bridge.  It’s a bit similar to the traditional model, the difference being, rather than being held on both sides, it is cemented on one abutment tooth. You will need one natural tooth next to the tooth gap.

The third type is the Maryland dental bridge. In this case, the metal frameworks hold the pontic in place on each side of the gap. Sounds similar to the traditional bridge, the difference being that the Maryland bridge uses the structure of porcelain or metal which are bonded on the back of abutment teeth while traditional teeth use dental crowns.

The implant-supported bridge is the final type and is often used when there is more than one missing tooth. The bridges are held together by implants secured to your jawbone, thus offering maximum stability. Surgeons place an implant for every missing tooth. This method is considered the most stable and most durable. But the procedure can take months to complete.

Dental Bridge Benefits

There are several benefits of choosing a dental bridge. The first being, of course, the cosmetic appeal in eliminating tooth gaps and restoring a uniform and gorgeous smile.

Having missing teeth can cause problems in chewing and biting. Hence, replacing them with dental bridges is beneficial. You won’t have difficulty chewing your favorite foods. In addition, missing teeth affect speech, especially the front teeth. Start benefiting from teeth replacement by choosing dental bridges.

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Overall, replacing missing teeth will restore your smile and confidence. Learn more about your teeth replacement options. Schedule an exam and consultation today. We offer an array of dental solutions, including dental bridges. Our friendly staff is ready to assist, and we have convenient hours to accommodate your busy schedule. Moreover, we accept new patients and most insurances. Call (508) 754-0918 or book an appointment online. Furthermore, we are located at 715 Pleasant Street Worcester, MA 01602. Visit our dental office today!


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