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New Year New Dentist? What to Look for When Picking A New Dentist

The relationship you establish with your dentist is crucial to maintaining good oral health. Indeed, at Worcester Quality Dental, we believe that it’s essential to think of it as a partnership in which both parties share health responsibilities. That’s why you need to establish a comfortable relationship with your dentist. 

That’s precisely why we recommend finding a new dentist in Worcester, MA, especially if you have recently moved in or have been skipping dental appointments. At Worcester Quality Dental, we take our role in the oral health partnership seriously and constantly look for ways of improving our relationship with our patients. Here is our team’s advice on what to look for when picking a new dentist. 

Where do I find a new dentist in Worcester?

It’s never easy to settle in a new town. If you are new to Worcester, MA, you may not be familiar with the local dental clinics and businesses. Thankfully, you can turn to online directories to get some insights about local dentists. Most dental practices have registered their office(s) on Google My Business, which means they appear on Google Maps. It’s a great place to start! The American Dental Association (ADA) also provides a list of local and state dental societies, which you can contact for support. 

It’s a good idea as well to discuss recommendations with your dentist before the move. 

How do you approach finding a new dentist in Worcester when you’re already local to the area? Online directories remain a fantastic source of information. You can also leverage the knowledge and experience of your local contacts. Friends, relatives, and coworkers can introduce you to their dentists. Additionally, it can be helpful to reach out to your family doctor or pharmacist to ask for their opinions. They might know a new dentist in Worcester or in the vicinity. 

Cost considerations when choosing a new dentist

Budget is a decisive factor when it comes to dental health. There are different options to consider depending on your needs. 

  • Low-cost dental care or charitable dental services. You can get in touch with state dental societies to find out more about the assistance programs available.
  • Dental school clinics are also a source of low-cost dental care, so you can find a list on the ADA website and check individual websites to learn more about services.
  • Dental health plan. Most dental practices will share information on their websites. Your health plan provider can also provide a list of local dentists. 
  • Is it covered by my dental insurance program? Insurance information can easily be found on dentists’ websites. We, at Worcester Quality Dental, are proud to accept most insurance covers, for instance.  
  • Other financial situations can be published on the website or you can ask when you call the reception. 

Special needs considerations

Some special health conditions can dramatically affect oral care treatments. Therefore, if you have a special condition, you might want to discuss it with your dentist beforehand. Some health plans and insurance providers can also supply you with a list of specialist dentists who are familiar with your issues. 

Disability accessible and special needs dental clinics are typically identified on Google Maps and on their websites. Additionally, you can refer to ADA for information. 

A lot of dentists are also familiar with dental anxiety and patients who fear dental procedures. It isn’t uncommon for a dental practice to have specialist support for their patients, such as anesthesia to relax during procedures or enhanced communication best practices. Dr. Michel Damerji at Worcester Quality Dental fosters good communication to help patients understand their needs and the solutions available. 

Practical considerations when choosing a new dentist

We appreciate that your dentist needs to tick all your boxes, whether it’s location, trust, or services. We’ve compiled the most frequent questions we get from our new patients: 

  • Location: Easily commutable, easy to park, easy to access
  • Office hours vs. work schedule
  • Does the dentist accept new patients? 
  • Can the dentist provide all the dental care and services I need, from cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and filings? 
  • Client reviews
  • How much do standard procedures cost? 

Misc. considerations if you get to visit

You want to feel comfortable when you visit your dentist. Finding someone you trust is one thing. Finding premises that put you at ease is another. Therefore, if you arrange to visit some dentists before making a decision, we strongly recommend paying close attention to the cleanliness and decor. Additionally, the place should be welcoming, with a friendly team and professional dental healthcare providers who respect all the necessary safety protocols. 

We hope this article helps you to find your new dentist in Worcester. If you want to find out more about our team at Worcester Quality Dental, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or call 508-754-0918 to book an appointment.


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