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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing A New Dentist

Are you looking for a new dentist? If you have moved to a new area or if you haven’t yet taken the time to register with a dental surgery, you should make it a priority to find the right dentist for you. For the oral health needs of both you and your family, finding somebody who will provide the appropriate care is crucial. 

But how can you choose the right dentist? To help you make the best decision, these are the questions to ask a dentist when you’re researching local practices.

#1: What Do You Specialize In?

As with most medical professionals, dentists will have both general and specific skills. Every dentist will have the ability to inspect and clean your teeth, and they will be able to offer fillings and extractions too. But some will specialize in other aspects of dentistry, such as dental implants, teeth whitening, and dental bonding. If you have specific dental needs, find out what the dentists in your area offer. Ask them about the services they can provide and explain your personal requirements to them. If they match up with what you’re looking for, you may have find the right dentist for you.

#2: Why Should I Choose Your Dental Practice?

Depending on where you live, you might have a range of dental practices to choose from. Some will offer similar services so it can be tricky to know which dentist to register with. This is why you should always ask this question. If the dentist can give you specific reasons as to why you might choose them, you will start to differentiate between those in your area. So, ask the dentist for references and commendations from previous patients, and ask them about the technologies they use. These insights will make them stand out from other dental practices in the area and will give you the incentive to choose one practice over another. 

#3: Can I Turn To You In An Emergency?

All dentists will let you book appointments in advance, but what happens when you need somebody in an emergency? There could be occasions when you wake up with serious tooth pain, or you might chip a tooth when you’re eating or engaged in physical activity. At times like these, you will need an emergency dentist, so make sure the dental practice you choose has this facility. Urgent attention will often be needed before things get worse, so ask the dentist about waiting times and their ability to see to your needs if you require care in a hurry.  

#4: Can You Support The Needs Of My Children?

f you’re a parent, you will want to make sure the dentist you choose has the ability to care for the younger members of your family. So, ask the dentist about their pediatric care. How will they provide a stress-free environment for your children? How will they make the dental visit a positive experience? What will they do to educate your children on oral health matters? Children can be nervous about a trip to a dental practice, but with the right dentist, the experience will become a lot less frightening for them. 

#5: What Costs Are Involved?

Toothache is bad enough but what about a financial headache? Many people stress about the cost of dental treatment and this is something you will probably keep in mind when searching for a new dentist. While treatment costs will be standard across most practices, there are ways to reduce the expense. Some dentists will offer payment plans for patients unable to cover the cost of treatment in one payment, so this is something worth asking about. You should also ask about dental health insurance and the insurance plans that the dental practice accepts. You will have peace of mind when you know you have insurance coverage for the dental treatments you need. 

These are just a few of the questions to ask the dentist but make your own list too. You need to make sure the dentist you choose is right for you, so find out the answers to your most pressing questions. Call them up or drop them an email and discover more about the services they offer. Your oral health matters, and with the right dentist, all of your dental needs will be covered.


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